Dog language - Hundspråk - Koiran kieli

12-13.1.2019. Sat-sun 10-15.

Hau do you do” - A seminar that will introduce you to the language of dogs.

Get a deeper understanding in how dogs communicate in different situations and states of mind. Learn to speak "dogish" by using signals that the dog understands. During this seminar the participants will learn to understand dogs in a better way, through observations, different kind of exercises and case studies.

Reading the dogs by learning about stress signals, calming signals, distance increasing signals and invitations. Then, how to use these signals in an effective way that will have a good impact on the “conversation” between you and the dogs.

During this 10 hour course, theory is completed with observations and demos. Course language is English.

Course leader: Noga Ronen from Israel. Noga Ronen has successfully worked with solving misunderstandings between people and their dogs, with focus on solving dog problems with positive methods. Noga and her company Anima, also has a program for educating positive dog trainers in Israel. 

Course fee: 50€ without dog

Deadline for registration: 2.1.2019

Fill in the registration form or contact 040-5687027