- And learn some Swedish at the same time


Are you still wondering about your future studies and profession, or do you want to take a year off and try something
completely new? Or maybe you need time to think about, what you want to do in the future?

Then Borgå folkakademi (Akan) could be the best choice for you!
Akan is situated in the center of Porvoo, a lively study town, only an hour`s way from Helsinki.

Akan provides an international environment, with students of differing age and background.
We offer a range of wintercourses ( August – May ) and also shortcourses. Some of the studies can be credited in further studies, others again give a good start and a solid ground to build on for future challenges.

At Akan you can spend a happy and really different year. You will get the possibility to do just the things you´re interested in,
get new fascinating friends and also get time to grow as a human being.


Read more about out the different courses on our Swedish webpages and please, if needed, don´t hesitate to call for
more information at +358-19- 5769 500 or e-mail to