Video: intensive courses

Starts 22-23.1.2018. Monday-Tuesday 2 pm-6 pm.

Learn to make better videos. Communicate your message on YouTube with enjoyable videos, or start a bigger filming project. Learn how to become a Vlogger.

Join our intensive short courses. If you are a beginner, start with the basics. You can sign up for the whole series of courses, and apply for a grant at the same time. Use your own camera during the courses, if you don’t have one - a mobile phone will do!

1. Basic course in video production (10h) 22-23.1

2. Camera technique, basics (10h) 5-6.2

3. Basic sound design, sound recording and storytelling (10h) 12-13.2

4. Video cutting with Adobe Premiere (10h) 26-27.2

5. Dramaturgy, basics (10h) 5-6.3

6. Vlogg (10h) 19-20.3

7. Video & news reporting (10h) 9-10.4

8. Short film marathon: Part 1 Short film script 23-25.4 Part 2 Recording 4-6.5 (Fri-Sun)

9. Documentary marathon (15h) 1-3.6 (Fri-Sun)

Course directors Harald Antskog och Mikael Aaltonen

Place Borgå folkakademi, Runeberginkatu 16-18, Porvoo.

Course fee parts 1-7: 450 €/course, parts 8-9: 600 €/course. Total fee 3900 € when signing up for all parts. Nb: private persons can apply and be granted at scholarship when signing up.

Sign up 10 days before a course starts, 040-5687027