intensive basic swedish

This course is a Swedish basic-level language program. Lessons with tuition two evenings a week (a total of 10 lessons a week) during the spring semester.

You will learn to how to communicate (speak,listen, write and read) in basic Swedish for common everyday purposes

This course will give you knowledge of Swedish vocabulary, pronuncation and elementary grammar through excersises and reading/listening comprehensions.

You will also get an insight in Swedish/Finnish-Swedish culture andtraditions. During the course we will also make excursions to local museums and tourist attractions.


Teacher: Inga-Lill Leskinen-Sundqvist

Place and organizer: Borgå folkakademi, Runeberginkatu 16-18, Porvoo.


Costs: 90 € /month. Including tuition, coffee/tea, snacks.

Sign up before 31.12.2016 by filling in the ->registration form. 

(You can also sign up by email