Lecture: On Dogs’ Cognition, Personality and Behavior

Saturday 13.5.2017 at 15-19

FD Katriina Tiira “About dogs’ cognition, personality and behavior - the effect of genes and environment”. Tiira lectures in English. After the lecture, there is time for discussion, and Tiira will answer the audience’s questions.

Fee 37 €, including coffee. (Akan alumni 28 €).

NB! Before the lecture, starting from 9 o’clock in the morning, there will be a possibility to have your dog tested with a science based canine cognitive test, suitable for every dog. The tests are performed by FD Katriina Tiira. You can read about the tests at www.smartdog.fi. Hurry up to book an appointment, there is only time for three dogs. There is a separate fee for the tests.

Place: Borgå folkakademi, Runebergsgatan 16-18, Fredikasalen (in brick building!)

Sign up before 3.5, by mail nina.wackstrom@akan.fi. Direct any questions to christina.vonpfaler@akan.fi